Improve your hiring process with online pre-interview testing.

Are you swamped with candidates for your job openings and find yourself wading through cover letters and CV’s that aren’t telling you if the candidate has the skills to do the job?

There’s a better option.

Evaluate allows you to buy or build your own job specific tests and have candidates complete these tests online. You’ll be notified once they complete the test along with their score.

Purchase or buy testsent the testdo testReport

Simple to use

Choose your path. If you want to use a pre-made test, you can be up and running in minutes, or opt for the full control of building your own bespoke test that’s tailored to your needs.

  • 1Purchase or build your test
  • 2Send the test to a candidate
  • 3Candidate does the test
  • 4You receieve the test report

Powerful & Customisable

Our focus is on making your hiring process easier & more effective, while making your business look professional.

Test builder

You’ll have access to a feature rich test and question editor so that you’ll have full control over the tests you send.

Clean, simple design

Built to be clean, lean and to work on as many devices as possible. We aim to make you look good

Custom branding

We aim to make your business look good. Choose the theme and logo for the tests that you send.

Cheating protection

We’re proactively working to ensure that the results that you see are true, accurate and without bias.


Completely FREE during beta!

Up until the end of February 2020, everything is free. That includes purchasing any tests that we have available. All we ask is that you let us know if you find features that you’d like that we’re not supporting yet.

$0 per month
$50 per month
$300 per month
$0 per month
Our basic version for teams that are just getting started or trialling the product.
  • 5 tests per month
  • Create your own tests
  • Access to the test marketplace
  • Custom test branding
  • Automated scoring
$50 per month
Feature rich and enough quota to run most businesses.
  • All from Free plan, plus the below
  • 100 tests per month
  • Access to platform support
  • Up to 5 users
  • Public tests (anyone can do)
$300 per month
Enterprise customers will get the below additional benefits.
  • All from Company plan, plus the below
  • Send unlimited tests per month
  • Access to the API
  • Unlimiited users
  • Priority support