Our vision is to support an industry that’s helping change the world

We support small to mid-size tech businesses. So much innovation comes from this sector… and it’s hard. Late nights, tight budgets & too many hats. We know this first hand and want to make it easier by developing enterprise grade tools that are affordable for small business.


Who are we?

We’re a small but highly experienced team of tech entreprenuers, project managers and developers.

Chris Lowe
Chris Lowe

Founder and UX design

Sam Nguyen

Lead Developer

Trung Nguyen

Front-end Developer

Our company culture

We are digital artisans. We enjoy what we do. It’s not only about making money… it’s about learning and growing as individuals and producing work that we can be proud of. Our values include:

  • Tranparency… both internally and with our users
  • Never be afraid to ask questions
  • Support each other
  • No egos
  • Deliver quality
  • Keep it simple
  • Never blame. Learn lessons and take responsibility

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