Only interview qualified candidates

Evaluate allows you to test your candidates competency with our online testing platform and test library.

Create a test or use one of our pre-made tests
Invite your candidates to take the assessment
Evaluate auto-scores the test and sends you results

Use our library of pre-made tests to get started in minutes

As one of our highest priorities, we’re continually building, analysing and improving tests. These tests allow you to get up and running quickly while ensuring that the candidates you select for interview have the necessary technical skills.


We’re creating new tests all the time. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, chat with us and let us know.

Build your own custom 
tests with the test builder

Our test builder is simple to use and allows you to create questions and tests that mimic the specific skills required by your company and the position you’re hiring for.


Get simple yet powerful insights on candidates

Get detailed test results including:

  • Overall score and detailed question breakdown
  • Ranking against other candidates
  • Detailed timing information
  • Security audit


I’ve used quite a lot of similar apps, but they’re either expensive, overly complex for both the applicant and myself and have a poor user experience. Evaluate is simple, cost effective and easy to use. I send quite a lot of developer screening tests each month and it’s saving me money and time.

Chris Lowe


A useful tool that provides quantitative data to back-up the info within resumes. It’s become part of our standard process now and the more I use it the better the comparative insights are. I’d recommend is to anyone who’s running a tech business.

Anthony Muscat


As a developer I found the tests relevant and most importantly it didn’t take up lots of my time. I was able to do the test from a cafe and the UX was really simple to follow. I’ve done other technical screening tests in the past that were poorly worded or overly specific. I highly recommend Evaluate.

Hong Nguyen

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