A simple to use job board integrated with automated tests

Setup all your companies positions on a public job board and have candidates do an auto-scored test to qualify for interview.

Fill in your company brand information
Setup job descriptions for your company roles
Create and associate tests with the roles

Get your company’s job board setup in minutes

Start your own job board that reflects your company brand in minutes . Simple, responsive design and optimized for SEO.


Start from our pre-made job descriptions or upload yours

We’ve created a set of pre-made job descriptions that are a good starting point for most situations. Feel free to customise or upload your own for full control.


Super simple to use, quick to setup and the tests are solid. Most importantly, it’s super cost efficient.

Chris Lowe
CEO – Offspring Digital


A useful tool that provided hard data to back-up the info within resumes

Anthony Muscat
CEO – Code Brewery

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